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Antibacterial nylon barrier-free safety handrail

Hengtong nylon series safety handrail products are beautiful in appearance, bright in color, and equipped with a luminous ring for identification at night. The surface of the handheld and grasping parts of the product has been non-slip treatment. The nylon material has good aging resistance, strong constant temperature, and easy to grasp. Feel comfortable. In terms of functional requirements and hygiene requirements, nano-inorganic antibacterial materials are injected into the nylon polymer structure during production to continuously and reliably contain the growth of germs, greatly reducing bacterial cross-infection caused by surface contact, and greatly expanding The scope of health protection.

Hengwei antibacterial nylon barrier-free handrails are specially designed for the handicapped people, the elderly, the sick, pregnant women and other infirm people to assist in the bathroom. The product design fully considers the practical application efficiency of the elderly and the disabled, and conforms to the Chinese urban roads and buildings Barrier-free design specification (JGJ50-2001J114-2001) requirements.