An enterprise is just like a person and a nation. The common sense of civilization, cultural accomplishment, and cultural psychology are the basis for their mutual recognition and integration. Furthermore, the common or similar and consistent ideals, pursuits, and spiritual realm of employees in an enterprise are the basis for them to resonate, communicate, harmonize, unite and make progress. A corporate culture community with an excellent cultural environment, its employees will miss the company for life and will never forget whether they are employed throughout their lives or undergo changes. This depends on the entrepreneurial spirit and philosophy that inspires, awakens, uplifts, looks forward to, and encourages people.


Hengtong’s pursuit is to realize the dream of survival and development in innovative thinking, and rely on bit by bit of hard work and unparalleled heroic spirit to promote the sustainable development of the company.


Responsibility, innovation, professionalism and unity and cooperation are the essence of our corporate culture. Seeking truth from facts and proceeding from reality is our code of conduct.


Hengtong advocates forming a community of interests among customers, employees and partners. Strive to explore the internal power mechanism of distribution according to production factors, we will never let the old scalpers suffer a loss, and the devotees will surely get a reasonable return.

Social responsibility

Hengtong believes that: companies should pursue economic and social benefits at the same time, and the two are unified; productivity and quality of work and life are the dual goals of the company, and cannot be partial; meeting the various needs of employees should itself be an at least and economic goal Another goal of equal importance.


We are guided by market demand and provide products and services based on the standard of "the most suitable is the best". Meet the rapidly changing customer needs.

Human capital

The objects of management are people and things, but in the final analysis, the management of things is ultimately achieved through people. Therefore, the only real resource of an enterprise or business is people, and management is to fully develop human resources to do a good job. We emphasize that the goal of continuous appreciation of human capital is better than that of financial capital.

Core technologies

Our goal is to capture market demand information in a timely and accurate manner and organize R&D and production in a timely and effective manner to meet market demand. Flexible resilience is the core of enterprise technology.

Value distribution principle

Priority efficiency, fairness and sustainable development are our basic principles of value distribution. The basis of distribution according to work is: ability, responsibility, contribution and work attitude. Distribution according to work should be appropriately widened to ensure the effectiveness of incentives. The basis of equity allocation is: sustainable contribution, outstanding talents, morality and risk taken. Equity distribution should be tilted towards the core and the backbone, the ownership structure should be dynamic and reasonable, the proportion of distribution according to work and distribution should be appropriate, and the increase or decrease of distribution amount and distribution ratio should be based on the company's sustainable development.

Knowledge capitalization

We use the form of transforming into capital to reflect and repay the accumulated contributions of labor, knowledge, and entrepreneurs’ management and risk. We use equity arrangements to form the backbone of the company and maintain effective control over the company, so that the company Sustainable growth, knowledge capitalization, and a dynamic property right system that adapt to technological and social changes are the directions we continue to explore

Unlimited communication

The company culture advocates open concepts, teamwork and group struggle, emphasizes resource sharing, and opposes individual heroism. Every employee should integrate into this cultural atmosphere, constantly master communication skills, deepen collaboration levels, and improve collaboration skills.

Internal market service awareness

The company advocates that "the next process is our users" shows that we must not only have market awareness and service awareness externally, but always think about the end user, but also have market awareness and service awareness internally. For our next process, the next interface , Provide good service in the next link.

Time concept

Saving time equals improving work efficiency. Employees should cultivate the awareness and habits of being punctual, punctual, and prudent, and learn to allocate time reasonably and use time effectively.

Welcome new ideas

Allowing people with different concepts and unique individuals to emerge is a manifestation of open corporate culture, good communication, and vigorous organization. It is also the source of vitality for corporate innovation.

Tolerate failure

Failure is the mother of success, but recklessness, recklessness, and even misconduct are never allowed.

Act now

Take immediate action for things that have been decided or approved. Slow action and procrastination are not what the real prosperous people do.